Thursday, June 28, 2018

When a Charter right isn't a Charter right

There are currently four Charter challenges being brought against the federal government regarding the Summer Jobs Program's unconstitutional attestation clause. Most likely there will be more coming.

This is all really good news for the people of Canada, and especially for those of us (all of us?) who value our Charter rights.

The media, even those from the left, see the massive problem with the Trudeau attestation. In fact the only people in Canada who think the attestation is fair--are Justin Trudeau and maybe some of his MPs, but most likely not all of them.

All this because our feminist prime minister decided to invent a new Charter right: "reproductive rights". Also known as the Right to Abortion. Justin Trudeau also likes to use the new buzz words "Charter values". Another meaningless notion.

Except instead of doing anything constitutional to create this new "right", he simply dreamed it into existence.

And now companies who have been denied funds under the SJP have to defend their actual Charter rights--all in the name of a non-existing Charter right.

In other words, under a Justin Trudeau government, actual Charter rights can only become actual Charter rights once you go to court, spend a whole lot of money, and spend a whole lot of time to put forward your case. A case that any grade school child could easily comprehend if you put it to them like this:
"I have a right to my religious beliefs. I have a right to not agree with abortion because I think it's morally wrong. I have a right to listen to my conscience. So why do I need to go to court to ask a judge to grant me these rights? I thought they were already mine? The Charter says I have them, so why can't I have them without going to court? 
Is a Prime Minister really allowed to create a new right, just because he wants to? I don't understand this."
And there is another important fact about all this.

Can you imagine the millions of dollars the tax payer will have to fork out so that Justin Trudeau can defend his make believe Right to Abortion? After all, these are his "charter values" not ours. So why will we have to pay for Justin Trudeau to defend himself?

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