Monday, June 25, 2018

Open letter to ARCC from a crisis pregnancy centre

(Reprinted with permission from Valley Care Pregnancy Centre)

June 22, 2018

Valley Care Pregnancy Centre

An open letter to the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

We are deeply saddened and distressed by the misunderstanding your organization displays concerning who we are and what we do as a pregnancy centre in Canada. We are simply convinced of the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death because all humanity is made in the image of God. Therefore, we seek to inform people of the wonders of life including fetal development and the risks of abortion while making strong, loving and tangible support available for those feeling the pressure of friends, family or finances to end the life God has created within them.

If someone chooses abortion, we do not condemn them. We offer help and hope to those who struggle with negative emotions and thoughts afterward. We are convinced that in an open, inclusive culture, you have all the rights in the world to exist and do your work; and in the same way, we too have these same rights.

Our God instructs us to speak the truth in love. Therefore, we would like to share some insights we have which we pray will be a blessing to you.

In looking over your website (you have a beautiful logo, by the way), we looked at your “Media” page where you show all the images you claim are necessary to be shown when discussing the topic of abortion. There are images of sad women, pregnancy tests and tiny balls of cells – some of which are in petri dishes.

Many women have shared with us that they wish they had known about fetal development before they made their decision about abortion. Women tell us they want to be told the truth about their pregnancy, so they can make an informed health decision.

Since most abortions in Canada occur between 9-12 weeks (with about 10% done after 12 weeks, according to your publications), why do you only display the outside of the fetal sac of a 6-week embryo, but do not show the development inside the 6-week fetal sac; and why do you not show any other fetal images between 7-12 weeks or beyond?

The women we have been honoured to work with have told us they didn’t like to see images of human development between 7-12 weeks and beyond because they were trying to deny that reality. They told us that if they had been given a safe, loving environment to share their story and receive complete information about what was going on inside them, they may have made a different decision, and would not have to live with the regret they now carry.

Therefore, we encourage you to add images to your media list of fetal development, inside the fetal sac, for weeks 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 so that women can make an informed health decision based on how far along their pregnancy has progressed. ( has amazing images and video.)

We pray for God’s blessings upon you, that you might even come to know Him, the Author and Giver of Life. He loved this world in such a way that He humbled Himself to be born among us and took upon Himself the blame for all the wrongs we have ever done. He died in our place and rose bodily from the dead, promising to forgive and heal all who trust and obey Him, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Interestingly, Jesus Himself was considered by His peers to be the result of an unplanned pregnancy! He has love and grace for all who find themselves in this situation.

God bless you,
Bill Davenport
Executive Director

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  1. " speak the truth in love." Beautiful. The letter brought tears to me from the love of our Savior. Our sin debt is marked "Paid in Full."