Friday, May 11, 2018

March for life 2018 - the real reason the police do nothing

Dear Jim Watson and Chief Bordeleau,

The reason that 125 people made it up Elgin street from Confederation Park is because our Ottawa Police stood on the west side of Elgin and watched and did absolutely nothing. Why is that? Were they told to do so by one of you?

We were lawfully protesting, with a police-approved route. These others had an illegal protest with masks and therefore should have had to stay off the roads. But they didn't.

This video is quite telling. See our police standing by for four minutes. 

See more pictures of these counter protesters hiding their faces and yelling at us and this video.

Can you please explain to me and twenty thousand peaceful pro-life marchers are treated in this disdainful way? You do realize we pay taxes like these "pro-choice" people, right?

In fact, why can't you just be honest and tell us you treat us like this because we are pro-life?

Looking forward to your response.


Patricia Maloney


  1. What you say is true. A small group of maybe 100-200 counter-protesters is allowed to illegally block a road while about 20,000 marchers with a license and route are prevented from following that route. And the police do little, as they have for the last three years.

  2. Because the police are either cowards or their noses are so far up someones butt. Probably a bit of both.

  3. I'd like to see a petition we can all sign to get the attention of the Ottawa police. If there is a law that was broken by them, then there needs to be consequences so this does not keep happening to legal, peaceful marches.

  4. Give the Police a BREAK they are only FOLLOWING orders
    It is Mayor Watson that behind all this He sure looks after The PRIDE Parade with the Chief of Police walking in it and our Tax money goes to bale them out when they are broke READ THE WRITTING ON THE WALL

  5. Don't Blame the Police they are just following ORDERS
    From Mayor Watson & Their Chief We need to remember that on Election Day
    Also remember how the City took down OUR March For Life Day Flag
    and how the Mayor & Chief of Police supported the GAY PARADE with Ottawa Police Security and Ottawa Tax payers money to boast Pride Funds when one of there own crooked the Books Plus Flew the Pride Flag all over our City office's for PRIDE MONTH by orders of May Watson
    DOUBLE STANARD ?? Pro life people pay Taxes ALSO

  6. Mayor Watson unfortunately has no respect for a lot of people in the city of Ottawa and treats pro-life horribly. We will most definitely remember his actions on election day.