Thursday, May 3, 2018

Ontario Attorney General's office withholds letters against abortion bubble zone

Further to this post on the Ontario abortion bubble zones FOI.

I noticed that there were no letters from the public who wrote and who were against the abortion bubble zone (except for my own letters). I then asked for copies of those letters from other members of the public who were also against the bubble zone.

Surely I wasn't the only person in Ontario who wrote such a letter?

Their response:
"Requests are handled differently for each ministry and issue/context. You have assumed that there is no personal information in the body of the letters, which is not the case for this request. The bodies of the letters contain specific information to the individual, their situation and own personal experiences with the topic, which as you know is highly sensitive."
Nonsense. If other departments can do it, so can the AG. And remember, I paid $552.50 for the privilege of obtaining this information.

I then replied:
"I have seem hundreds of letters sent to politicians where personal information has been redacted. This is the only time I've ever done a request where letters of non-support have not been included."
Apparently our attorney general's office doesn't have to follow the rules other government departments do. I wonder why that is?

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