Friday, April 20, 2018

MP Scott Simms isn't a Justin Trudeau clone

Cc: Justin Trudeau ,

Dear Scott Simms,

It is so refreshing to see a politician who will stand up and stand behind his principles.

Your decision to vote for the Conservative motion against Justin Trudeau's discriminatory summer jobs program attestation even cost you your job as chair of the Commons fisheries committee. I can only imagine you went into this with eyes wide opened, and still you did it.


I have pretty much given up hope of believing there were any principled politicians who have the guts to actually follow their conscience in Mr. Trudeau's caucus, even when it means they could lose their job. How wonderful. How grand. How totally awesome.

At least you can go to bed at night and sleep well. And that, I think, is worth it.

Patricia Maloney

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