Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Does Justin Trudeau get his marching orders from Joyce Arthur?

Just one more excellent article on Justin Trudeau and Liberal Labour Minister Patty Hajdu ridiculous attestation clause for the summer jobs program.

There have been so much written on the subject it's hard to keep track. In fact the only people in Canada who support the attestation (besides all liberal MPs minus two) are the radical fringe pro-abortion advocates.

All the media, all religious organizations, and most likely 99% of Canadians are against the attestation.
""Whatever we do, it will be still with the policy goal of ensuring that we don't in any way support organizations that are in any way working to undermine Canadians' rights," the minister told HuffPost. 
Translated, it means the government will continue insisting applicants tick the box to attest that they don't oppose Canada's unrestricted access to abortion. The minister apparently can't get the point that opposing abortion undermines nothing that has anything to do with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. On the contrary, the freedom of citizens to peacefully oppose abortion, or anything else, is the very base on which all rights — indeed, the charter of rights itself — are founded."
Imagine basing eligibility on government funding on whether or not you support unrestricted right to abortion, a right that doesn't even exist? A pseudo right.

This article says it best I think. Fr. De Souza discusses terms like, "dictatorship of relativism",
"ideological dictator" and "how a “liberal doctrine of diversity” can become a dictatorship."
"Whether it is called a “dictatorship of relativism” or “ideological colonization” or “thinly disguised totalitarianism,” it is easily recognized as spreading in Canada today. Fr. Rosica did a service by calling it out by name."
All these descriptions aptly describe our current government in Canada, headed up by a man who cares not a whit for Canadians' freedom of conscience rights, freedom of speech rights and freedom of religion rights. Who is advising Justin Trudeau anyway? Because their advice is not doing him any favours.

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