Thursday, April 19, 2018

Outaouais pays for dangerous abortion pill

Abortion pill in the Outaouais

So the abortion pill is now accessible in the Outaouais region and paid for by taxpayers. Women who have already experienced the nausea and cramps linked to emergency contraception (“morning after pill”), well, take this horrible experience and multiply it by ten. That’s what chemical abortion is, only it can last for hours and even days. The body we see in the toilet, all charred and dismembered (or elsewhere, because there is no control over where and when the process culminates), it leaves a mark for quite some time. The violent contractions required to expulse the baby often bring on hemorrhage and other serious damage to the female apparatus. How sad that women’s bodies be treated as “crushers”. Not too great for self-esteem. To top it all off, there must be a follow-up check-up to ensure that all body parts and organs have been expulsed, and surgical curettage can be required to avoid general septicemia (poisoning).

Isabelle and Ward O'Connor, Vivere Canada
Montcerf-Lytton, Quebec, Canada

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