Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ottawa Vanier - time to kick Mauril out

John Robson is voting Libertarian. I think I am leaning this way myself.

Yesterday on CFRA when Lowell Green had his Sephen Harper love-fest going on. He kept saying there were only three parties to vote for, Conservative, Liberal, and NDP. Good grief. What about Christian Heritage (which is who I would vote for if there was a candidate in my riding) or Libertarian? 

I contacted my Conservative candidate David Piccini to ask him his stand on abortion. Three times. No response. 

A friend said she had talked to him and that he is pro-life. If someone can't tell me what they believe in when I ask them, then I can't assume they really are pro-life, and if they are they better say something.

Here is what Coreen Corcoran, my Libertarian candidate, said when I asked her about her stand on abortion and euthanasia:
"The abortion debate, if reopened, will be long and difficult. I personally feel that where we need to start is with the fact that Canada does not have a law on the books making live birth abortions illegal. By the way, I was pleasantly surprised to see your name on an article from the National Post that I have referred to many times. I've heard arguments that this is rare and only done under very specific circumstances, but it is available nonetheless. As a Libertarian, the rights of the individual come first, and it would be pretty difficult to disagree that a full-term baby is not an individual. I also think science is going to be on the side of stricter laws at some point because we have technology available today that allows us to save premature babies born earlier and earlier. We seem to trumpet those success stories when the baby is wanted, but don't hear about it when the baby's life is terminated. 
In terms of when I think life begins, I don't have as solid an answer for you. Abortion should not be a form of birth control. With the availability of birth control and the openness about sex and sex education now, there really should be very few unplanned pregnancies anymore. I am not entirely against first trimester abortions. Women will still find a way to get them even if they are illegal, at the very least they need to be done in a safe environment. They should also only be done in rare cases.
On the topic of euthanasia and assisted suicide, I don't have a firm opinion at this time. I know all lives are important, but quality of life is important too. I have not done the research to understand how other countries have adopted it so I don't feel that I have enough evidence to give an educated opinion. But you have given me something to work on."
Of course Mauril Belanger is "pro-choice" following his pro-abortion leader Justin Trudeau.
(I wonder if the good people of Ottawa-Vanier realize just how "pro-choice" he is? If I have time I hope to drop off a flyer into all the mailboxes of people with Mauril lawn signs to educate them. And for crying out loud, the man's been in power for 20 years. Maybe a change is due folks?)

And well I didn't even ask the NDP, since their party is pro-abortion as well. 

Ms. Corcoran seems to be the most pro-life of all the candidates, so at this point she has my vote.


  1. Interesting, Ms Corcoran at least is open to discussion on these subjects and that is much more than the other candidates. Kudos for you following through and putting flyers at the homes showing support for Mauril.