Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The inconsistencies of Justin and Thomas

First we had Justin Trudeau and his own relentless war on science, while saying that a Liberal government would end the war on science. Now we have Thomas Mulcair saying this about his $15 a day daycare:
"Starting a family is not only good for that couple, it's good for the economy."
So if starting a family is good for the couple and the economy, why does Mr. Mulcair support abortion?

Why doesn't he instead help women choose birth over abortion? Why doesn't he instead really help women and outlaw abortion coercion? Why doesn't Thomas Mulcair do something good for women, for families and for the economy?

Imagine if instead of aborting 100,000 Canadians every year, Canadian women gave birth to them? Now that would be growing the economy.

(Note that this study by IMF shows that universal daycare harms children.)

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