Friday, July 3, 2015

Pro-choice violence - not in Wikipedia

A while ago anonymous blogger said in a comment on my blog, that she was anonymous because she feared pro-lifers. Because we are "scary". Her source was wiki-pedia:
"I'm psedonymous because your lot are fairly scary, BTW."
Since Wikipedia was happy to publish violence attributed to pro-life people, I thought I'd check out their entry for "pro-choice" violence. Quelle surprise. There is no such entry. What was I thinking?

Of course there are a ton of examples of "pro-choice" violence out there. This morning I saw the first one below. A "pro-choice" person punches a pro-life protester, who then falls backwards into a fence hitting his head. The assailant then drives off but not before using the F word a couple of times. In fact this seems to be standard language for these very angry "pro-choice" people.

And anonymous blogger is afraid of us? She should check out her own kind. They are the scary ones.

Below is my own version of Wikipedia "pro-choice" violence. The entry you'll never see in Wikipedia.

In this video "pro-choice" people repeatedly taunt pro-lifers who are peacefully praying. It is quite the spectacle these "pro-choice" people make.

This video has a bicyclist attacking peaceful protesters.

Here are some naked women taunting and using markers on peaceful pro-life people.

More here.

This man uses more profanity than I thought possible.

A knife-wielding attacker is found guilty of assaulting pro-life woman at Toronto Life Chain.

A woman attacks pro-life protesters.

A pro-life person is shot and killed.

Police Had to Form Human Shield Around Pro-Lifers to Protect Them From Abortion Activists

In Columbus Ohio Pro-Choice Woman Attacks Pro Life Protesters.

A woman attacks pro-lifers.

UPDATE July 9, 2015 - More "pro-choice" violence against pro-lifers

UPDATE: April 20, 2017

UPDATE January 23, 2020

UPDATE February 22, 2020

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