Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Horrified, appalled and dismayed" - we can't say it enough

Liberal MP Hedy Fry says that people receiving CCBR/CLCY's recent graphic #no2trudeau postcards were:
“absolutely horrified, appalled and dismayed."
Wow. I know exactly how these people feel.

Because I also feel absolutely horrified, appalled and dismayed at Canada's continued wholesale slaughter of pre-born children in Canada.

I am also absolutely horrified, appalled and dismayed at Justin Trudeau's all out attack on pro-life MPs. Who are not allowed to run for "his" party.

Yes--horrified, appalled and dismayed. That just about sums it up.


  1. I think people who say they are “absolutely horrified, appalled and dismayed” at the sight of aborted children are genuinely moved to anger after seeing these pictures. But I think the anger they direct at those who show the images (in this case the CCBR and CLCY), is very likely displaced anger. Deep down, they are probably angry at themselves for supporting this injustice, or at least, for not speaking out against it (which indirectly amounts to supporting it). I think if they took some time to honestly reflect on why they feel so angry, they would come to realize this to be true. But that can only happen if a person has a sincere desire and willingness to understand what their true motivations are. And that takes humility and courage.

  2. Yep, Dr. Fry summed things up pretty well in her description of the images of abortion. This is because abortion is absolutely horrific and appalling. It's time to wake up and stop killing babies and harming women.