Friday, May 15, 2015

Tell the TTC we love the CPC ads

The pro-abortions are at it again. They have a petition going, to take down a crisis pregnancy care centre ad, on the Toronto Transit Commission's buses:
"Pregnancy Care Centers are anti-choice and are known to provide women with false medical information on abortions.  They use scare tactics and christian propaganda to influence people's decisions.  In Canada, by law all women are allowed a safe and affordable abortion. 
To be able to make the best decisions for ourselves, we MUST receive accurate information. 
We ask that the Toronto Transit Commision [sic] Advertising Review Working Group see that the ad goes against Canadian views on women's access and health, and to remove the ad."
Their claim above is a fairy tale. In actual fact, CPCs do not provide women with false medical information or use scare tactics.

In case any of those pro-abortions would like to read some actual facts on these centres, I suggest they get their heads out of Alice in Wonderland's book, and read this.

They might learn some actual truths about CPCs, and even though the facts may be very hard for them to grasp, I'm sure if they try real hard they can do it. They just need to try.

I also suggest that we all contact the TTC with our own emails in support of this ad.

Sample letter:
I'm [delighted/pleased/happy] to see advertisements from Pregnancy Care Centres on the TTC. Pregnancy Care Centres are centres known to provide women with complete & accurate information on sexual health and abortions. They are known to use real data as well as actual videos and pictures to influence people`s decisions. Please continue these ads. To read more about the good CPCs do in Canada, please read here: Thank you.
Please make sure you use the TTC compliment form here.

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