Monday, April 6, 2015

The intolerance of the progressives

There are a lot of seriously not nice people out there in the twitter sphere ready to draw and quarter MP James Lunney because of his views on evolution.

So what do these people say? Read for yourself, some of it's pretty disgusting: Me smart you dumb.

I think it must make them feel important. Or something. A lot of people really can't stand the fact that some people have different beliefs than they do. Why is that? Are they so unsure of their own beliefs that they need to make fun of someone else's beliefs?

And why is this intolerance so often directed towards Christians. Why do these people hate Christians so much?

This seems to be a mob mentality that these people somehow feel obliged to follow.

Maybe they feel like they belong to an elite group who knows better than those stupid backward Christians. Maybe they get a self-righteous kick out of denigrating someone else's beliefs. Pathetic.

And the "progressives" like to talk about tolerance. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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