Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Taking care of our elderly - a call to action

My sister Maureen and I have been humbled and blessed. Three weeks ago we started volunteering at a long term care facility near our home.

When we signed up we told the volunteer coordinator that we would like to do one on one visits with residents. She asked us which residents we would like to visit. We both wanted to work with those who were in most need. That of course was the Alzheimer and dementia floor.

For us to get to know some of the residents Lucie suggested we participate in their activity program for a few weeks. So we have been doing that.

Many of the residents seemed unaware that we were there. Others seemed withdrawn, yet lit up and smiled during the activity when they were asked if they would like to participate. Many did, and some were just content to watch. These are all lovely people. Worthy of human dignity and care.

Today I read ARPA's "Respectfully Submitted" Policy report for Parliamentarians. It is on assisted suicide and euthanasia. I couldn't help but wonder what might happen to these precious people in this home, when assisted suicide becomes law in Canada.

I will write to my MP Mauril Belanger using ARPA's easy mailer (see below). I hope you will too.

This new policy report is a way for you to draw this issue to the attention of your MP. This is important, as there is less than a year before Canada is left with no laws at all restricting assisted suicide. We have provided 3 EasyMail letters and want to encourage you to send one of these to your MP. We were discouraged to see only 14 EasyMail letters sent last month on this issue - from across Canada. We can do better!

Before you send your EasyMail letter, please read the report yourself - you should find it well worth your time. Then, choose one of the following letters to send today:
3.     Letter 3: More detailed call for MP to do the right thing (no reference to policy report)

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