Sunday, January 26, 2014

Planned Parenthood targets young women

I just watched this video produced by Planned Parenthood in Northern UK,

There are a whole series of them and they feature a really happy chirpy 20-something young lady.

I've watched a couple of the videos, and the young lady is happy happy happy in all of them. I also looked through the series and couldn't find any of these videos on those other choices. You know the ones where a woman keeps her child, or puts her up for adoption? No no, only abortion, contraception, emergency contraception, etc.

Here are a few quotes from the video:
I realize that abortion is a big scary word but maybe it doesn't have to be. Scrape away all the myths and the political debate. All the sexism, all the stigma. And you have a perfectly safe medical procedure, that's an important option for a woman to have if she becomes pregnant before she's ready. (who's politicizing what PP?)
Medication abortion: This is where medication is used to do what what would happen naturally if you had a miscarriage. (PP are you equating a medical abortion to a miscarriage??)
Aspiration abortion: Uses a gentle suction to remove the pregnancy. A little tube that will empty out the contents of the uterus. And afterwards you get a snack, because we all need snacks!!!  (Got to "remove that pregnancy" or the "contents of the uterus". Never use the word unborn child or fetus. Better not to go there eh PP??)
Dilation and evacuation. For pregnancies that are a little farther along. On the second day you will have the pregnancy removed. (there's that removal of that darned pregnancy again)
I definitely think that all the stigma and politicization about abortion can make things that more complicated. (still not politicizing PP??)
And from the one on Emergency contraception.
There is a little mythy myth floating around out there, that Emergency Contraception is the same thing as an abortion pill. That's not true. It only prevents pregnancy if you're not already pregnant. It's not going to do anything if you are already pregnant. (Really PP??)
Super cheap marketing tool for Planned Parenthood. I have to admit, they're smart, those Planned Parenthood folks. Get young women to use social media to market their pre-born baby killing services. (OMG PP is so, like, amazing!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!)

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