Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada

Today is Canada's 146 birthday of nationhood.

We Canadians live in one of the safest, most prosperous, well educated, peaceful and financially well off countries in the world. Canada has some of the most amazing natural resources in the world as well--fresh water, bountiful forests, natural gas and oil. We have low unemployment and financial stability in these troublesome times when so many countries are suffering from severe recessions and strife.

And we have a strong and honourable history of democracy. Canadians have freedoms other countries can only dream of.

I love this country.

For all that, Canada's track record on legally protecting our pre-born citizens isn't something I am proud of. In this regard we don't rank with other democracies, we rank with totalitarian regimes like China and North Korea where human rights don't even begin to compare to Canada's.Yet Canada's human rights record for pre-born citizens is equal to China and North Korea.

Sometimes I think, will it ever change? Will Canada's political leaders ever finally realize the error they have made with abortion? It is frustrating to see them in their seemingly total blindness for the fate of our unborn children. Do we give up? Do we give in? Do we let the pro-abortions have their way?

No we don't. Not now. Not ever.

There are many dedicated men and women in this great country who care deeply about the plight of these children. Men and women who have devoted their life to the cause of life. To the cause of protecting and advocating for women and their children. I am very proud of these Canadians.

What we do have, is hope. We have hope that one day abortion will end. Maybe in my lifetime. Maybe not. But it will end. Hope is what keeps us going. Hope in our future. Hope in the future of our children. Hope in equal rights for all Canadians. Those born and those yet to be born.

It will come. I promise you.

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