Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How Canadians can ban late-term abortions

LiveAction goes undercover again, this time in America's late-term abortion industry.

Notice how the abortion doctor continually calls the unborn child "the pregnancy". And she seems to have no problem in going ahead and aborting the 27 week old baby.

But there is something else noteworthy in this video. It is that two congresswomen stand up and speak out very openly and forcefully against abortion.

Republican Diane Black says:
"there is undisputed scientific evidence that babies over 20 weeks and over gestation can feel pain and that late-term abortion can impose severe health risks also for the mother...There is no federal law to protect pain capable unborn children or their mothers by restricting late-term abortions."

Republican Ann Wagner says:
"Everyone talks about the right to choose, but no-one discusses the implications of that choice."

Those are two gutsy women.

Why do we so infrequently have Canadian MPs speaking out against late-term abortion? Is it because our Prime Minister muzzles them? Is it because the pro-abortions will draw and quarter them? Or is it both these reasons?

We know what happened when Rona Ambrose spoke out in favour of Motion 312.

NDP MP Libies Davies actually said that Ms. Ambrose "betrayed the women of this country."

And Joyce Arthur said Ms. Ambrose "threw women under the bus".

One can easily see why our pro-life MPs (especially female ones) are very reticent in speaking out for women and their pre-born children. They know as soon as they say anything on the subject, they will be publicly humiliated by these extreme feminists.

Motion 312 was a Motion to call for a Parliamentary committee to study when a child becomes a human being. What part of that Motion exactly, betrays women and throws them under the bus I ask you?

Between 60 and 77% of Canadians believe late-term abortions should be banned.

There isn't a whole lot we can do about pro-abortion extremists except ignore them.

But there is something we can do about Mr. Harper.

It's time for the Conservatives to call a leadership review.

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