Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Joseph, we need to talk

Dear St. Joseph,

I know today is your special day, your feast day. I also know that you are the Patron Saint of Canada. That's a good thing. Because we need a lot of prayers right now, here in the cold cold North, one day away from Spring. But you'd never know it because winter is still here. And it's not just normal winter that I'm talking about here.

It's about the deep dark winter here in the land of snow, igloos and moose; a winter of our discontent if you are yet to be born; a winter that never lets up and little souls are lost every day.

You see St. Joseph, our wonderful country doesn't have any legal protection for the unborn. None. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. And no matter how hard we try, we can't seem to get any politicians to stand up for the unborn. (Actually, that's not true. We do have a few brave men and women in politics who speak for pre-born citizens. I and others are very very proud of them.)

It's the first bunch that I am writing to you about today. These men and women, including all our leaders in our Parliament, won't ever support any legislation that works to protect the unborn. Ever.

They won't even support a motion that condemns sex-selection abortion. I am not kidding. (Actually, they did condemn it before, but they won't condemn it now.)

And no, I'm not pulling your leg, even though I'm not sure you have a leg. Regardless, it's the God honest truth. That's why you and I are having this talk on your feast day.

We need your help to change this St. Joseph. We need you to pray for all these men and women to have a change of heart. To look into their souls and listen to what their conscience says to them there. (At least I'm pretty sure they have a conscience, right?)

You were a good father, a man who took care of his family, a man who kept his wife and Son out of danger. You are an example for all mankind. If you could protect Mary and Jesus, I know you can do the same for all of our mothers and their pre-born children.

Thanks St. Joseph. We're counting on you. We'll all pray with you too, okay? And can I ask you one more thing before I go? Can you please ask your wife Mary to pray for us too? And maybe the rest of the Saints? And how about all the angels, especially Michael the Archangel? Them too. Well maybe that's three more things. But you get the point.

Well that's it for now. I'll let you know next time we talk, how it went okay?

Patricia Maloney

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