Friday, March 8, 2013

How to help women on International Women's Day

MaterCare International really has a hard time of it. They've tried eleven times to get government funding for the compassionate maternal care work they do in third world countries.

MaterCare's work entails a do-no-harm brand of care.

International Planned Parenthood (IPPF) on the other hand, who does receive government funding, has a brand of "care" that consists of providing contraception to third world countries.

(See these links for the last funding IPPF received)

Even though the funds IPPF received from CIDA are not supposed to be used for abortions, it does include emergency contraceptives and IUDs which many consider to be abortifacients.

And we know that IPPF includes abortion (code words "sexual and reproductive health and rights") in its "core values". IPPF believes abortion is a "human right" and are "Advocating for all governments to decriminalize abortion".

So how do we know IPPF is not using this CIDA funding to provide for, or advocate for, abortions? In fact, what mechanisms are in place on the ground in the five affected countries, to make sure this doesn't happen? Does anyone know? Because I don't.

One could make the case that IPPF's brand of "care" is more of the "we know what's good for you" variety. The kind that sticks its big nose into these very poor countries by imposing their own "values" on these exceedingly poor and underprivileged women's autonomy. Kind of like "for your own good" kind of care.

Instead of helping MaterCare and the good work they do, our tax dollars go to IPPF to "help" third world women. Makes me want to be sick.

MaterCare has set up a petition they will send to Mr. Harper to advocate for a positive kind of maternal health care that actually helps women and children. The kind of care Canadians would be proud to contribute to. The kind of care that dare I say it, saves lives.

Maybe these pathetic eleven years of refusing funding to MaterCare should come to an end. What do you think Mr. Harper, is it finally time to do something about this?

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