Monday, October 22, 2012

Who does your MP work for?

I wish Brad Trost were my MP.

After Motion 312 was defeated, Mr. Trost told his constituents that he--are you ready for this--works for them, and not for Mr. Harper. I am not kidding.

On Octocber 9, 2012 in a piece on his website called "Working for You" (the audacity; the boldness; the chutzpah; what was he thinking?). Mr. Trost said this about the MPs who voted their conscience on the Motion:
"...a majority of Conservative MPs went against Prime Minister Harper’s strongly expressed view on this issue. This vote illustrates a reality in the House of Commons that has often been forgotten. Members of Parliament don’t work for the leader of their respective party. They work for their constituents.

In a parliamentary system like Canada’s, Prime Minister Harper is not my boss, he is the first among equals. The constituents of Saskatoon-Humboldt are my bosses. Whether you agree with my votes or disagree with my votes, you need to let me know because I really do work for you."

I would love to have an MP who worked for me. But alas, no.

I wonder if Mr. Trost will let me adopt him?

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