Monday, October 29, 2012

I love life

In my cab ride to the pro-life conference in Toronto this weekend, I had a lovely chatty taxi driver from Bangladesh.

He told me about his three daughters who he was obviously very proud of. We chatted about Canada and how lucky we both were to live here and raise our children here.

He asked me why I was in Toronto and I told him I was going to the pro-life conference. He said to me, "Oh I love life".

When we arrived at the hotel he asked me if I were a Christian and I said I was. I asked him if he were a Muslim and he said he was. Then he said to me, "Well then, we have the same God. I love life. God bless you."

Below is another Canadian who loves life, Linda Gibbons receiving the Mother Teresa award at the conference.

Thanks to Maureen Ward for downloading and editing the video. We hope to post more from the conference later.

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  1. A comment from Jennifer:

    Thank you for posting this wonderful video of Linda Gibbons as she was presented the prestigious Mother Teresa Award. Thanks also to Walkerton Right to Life who nominated Linda for this prestigious award and to to LifeCanada for sponsoring the award. Linda is a woman filled with humility and love. I challenge all in the pro-life movement to aspire to the qualities we see in this saintly woman.

    October 29, 2012 10:31 AM