Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time for a change in Ontario politics

Yes, Dalton McGuinty has resigned and pro-rogued the Ontario Legislature. Good riddance I say.

But what about those Conservatives?

This morning Lowell Green spoke to Conservative MPP, Lisa MacLeod.

Mr. Green and his listeners want the 37 Conservatives to take back the Legislature, show up there, and govern without the Liberals. Better than nothing I guess. But all Ms. MacLeod could do was provide a whole whack of excuses why the Conservatives can't do that, and as listeners observed, she seemed to be just mouthing the party line, sticking to prescribed talking points.

Are we surprised? With the recent slumber party the Conservatives partook in when Mr. McGuinty and company did a stealth attack on the Legislature with the passage of Bill 122, what did we expect this time? Some actual good old-fashioned action, to you know, so something? Apparently not.

When Mr. Hudak did nothing when the snooze fest was happening under his nose with the hiding of abortion statistics, nobody even noticed because the Conservatives were all asleep. They said nothing. They did nothing.

After this happened, I emailed Christine Elliott, the Conservative Health critic. Three times. This is what I asked her:

"As you know, under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and effective January 1, 2012, section 65 of the Act was amended to exclude records relating to the provision of abortion services.

I understand that you told the National Post that as long as the identities of the people involved were protected, there’s no reason to withhold these abortion statistics.

As the Ontario PC health critic, can you tell me why you did not vote against Bill 122, and yet you are now publicly criticizing it? Can you also tell me why not a word was said in the debates or in committee about this censorship? If you are against this censorship, then why did you not speak up at the time it was being debated and reviewed in the Ontario legislature?"

Just like Mr. Hudak who never responded to me, neither did Ms. Elliott. Even after giving her three chances.

So the Conservatives did nothing to stop Mr. McGuinty then, and are doing nothing now to fix the current McGuinty fiasco with his resignation and pro-rogueing of Parliament.

Maybe it's time for a new political party in Ontario to rise up. To do something. To fix the mess. To govern. Or something. Anything.

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