Sunday, March 27, 2011

An important lesson

Jim Armaly learned yesterday that many who like to call themselves "pro-choice" are really pro-abortion. He also learned about how some of them behave really badly: Pro-lifers met with rudeness, venom.

I know of one "pro-choice" person who talked about how pro-lifers behave badly. They also said that pro-lifers get nasty with "shouting" and "interfering" at some unidentified clinic. Of course when repeatedly asked where this supposed clinic was, that "pro-choicer" wouldn't give the name and location of said abortion clinic where this allegedly occurred, so there was no way of verifying this apparent bad behaviour by pro-lifers.

In Armaly's letter in the Windsor Star, he says:
"An eye-opener because I had not realized the venom and rudeness of the pro-abortion faction. Yes, I know that they prefer "pro-choice" but that is a euphemism as I discovered from their response to our standing there.

There were obscenities shouted and yelled at us; the finger; the driver who came as close to the curb as possible to scare me. I had heard that they had even destroyed the crib display previously.

From all of this, therefore, I can only conclude that they are not really pro-choice at all. How can they be if they don't respect our choice to silently pray and ask others to pray."

Jim, you've answered your own question. Many "pro-choicers" are really pro-abortions.

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