Monday, March 28, 2011

Money for nothing

The Conservatives have already started fundraising as of March 26 (pretty quick off the mark I must say).
But you know, I read their email letter (see below) looking for something about, you know, protection for the unborn. Did I find anything? Nope, nothing.

There was also no mention of even a glimmer of hope, that the Conservatives might actually tolerate any abortion debate any time soon. And there was definitely nothing about their dismal voting record on Roxanne's Law, a law that would have provided some legal protection to a woman who was being coerced into having an abortion she didn't want to have.

How could anybody not be against forced abortion? I have no idea, but 178 MPs actually voted against Roxanne's law.

A suggestion would be for all you folks out there, who received this election funds solicitation, to reply with a Dear Stephen letter:

Dear Mr. Harper,

Sure I'd love to help you out, but honestly I just can't do it. You see, you voted against the first bill in the House of Commons to be debated on in twenty years on the subject matter of abortion. Remember Roxanne's Law? The one that you and some Conservative MPs, who I thought were pro-life, voted against?

Perhaps if you came out with a public statement telling Canadians you've had a change of heart and will allow some proper abortion debate in Canada, then hey, I might even find a few dollars to contribute to your campaign.

But until then, well, I think I need to hang on to my money.  Let me know if you change your mind.

Jane and John Q public.

Here is the email the Conservatives sent out:
"I’m sure you have already heard that yesterday, the Ignatieff-led Coalition with the NDP and Bloc Quebecois united to force Canadians into an unnecessary and unwanted election.

By forcing an unnecessary election in this time of fragile economic recovery – Canada’s fourth in seven years – Michael Ignatieff and his coalition partners are irresponsibly and recklessly putting at risk Canadians’ jobs, our economy and stable government.

The budget our Prime Minister tabled this week – the next phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan – is critically important to complete our economic recovery. It is Stephen Harper’s low-tax plan for jobs and growth. It’s a balanced plan to strengthen the financial security of Canadian families, and protect and create jobs. The Coalition’s actions today make clear they don’t care about any of the practical initiatives in the budget. Or the fact that without it, Canada’s economic recovery will be put in jeopardy just as we enter the home stretch.

Simply put, in forcing this unnecessary election the Ignatieff-led Coalition has recklessly placed their own political ambitions ahead of Canadians’ financial security. Their self-interest ahead of Canada’s stability.

This campaign is a clear choice between principled leadership and a political opportunist; between a stable government and a reckless coalition. And between a low tax plan for jobs and growth and a high tax agenda that will stall our recovery, kill jobs and set families back.

The next five weeks will be a challenge as we face the Ignatieff-led Coalition. We need to fight back and train volunteers in every one of Canada’s 308 ridings. We also need to reach out to Canadians across our country through advertising. We will also need help in getting out our vote on Election Day.

All these campaign priorities cost money, which is why I am sending you this email today.

With your support, we are looking to elect a stable national government so we can complete the economic recovery and keep taxes low. A re-elected Harper Government will work to assure a strong economy, a secure country and the safety of Canadians through steady, responsible, and practical government.

We are asking all of our loyal supporters if they can contribute $200 or $100 so we can give this campaign a running start. Please, make a contribution of $200 or $100 right now by following this link and using our secure, online donation page .

Dan Hilton
Executive Director, Conservative Party of Canada"

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