Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh me oh my, everyone is going apoplectic over the defeat of the Liberals Motion on maternal health last night:

Were the members whipped? Who wasn't whipped? And who will get into trouble for not whipping?

Yes, some Liberals voted against the motion and some abstained. Maybe they felt their constituents wanted them to vote that way. Maybe they were voting this way because they, um, listened to their conscience (am I allowed to say that?). Maybe they don't think Canada should be providing abortion services to third world countries because that's really not helpful to women or their unborn children.

Maybe Mr. Ignatieff will discipline them; and maybe the outcasts don't care. Who knows? But it takes guts to do what they did. To stand up and vote with your conscience. I call it a great day for democracy.

Good work MPs!

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