Friday, March 26, 2010

I couldn't help but notice that yesterday's Globe had yet another editorial on Ann Coulter and her freedom of speech rights. And there were also, eight, yes count them, eight letters to the editor on the subject and a cartoon. Lots of prime real estate they're giving Coulter.
It states:
"Universities have an obligation to protect the free exchange of ideas on campus, however offensive to someone those ideas might be. Today it is Ms. Coulter being silenced. Who will it be tomorrow? Anything that challenges people may offend someone. Therein lies the possibility of social change."

Who will be silenced tomorrow? Well, I can tell you who has been silenced for the past number of years, on numerous occasions, at a university campus near all of us: pro-life clubs.

So watch for it folks. The next time a university pro-life meeting or club is shut down or prevented from speaking by screaming objectors or university unions, keep your eyes opened to see if the Globe and Mail weighs in on the matter.

You know, in favour of freedom of speech.

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