Tuesday, July 19, 2022

National Abortion Federation never reported Kermit Gosnell's clinic and now receives Canadian tax dollars

This story is frightening: Kermit Gosnell killed women and children. Ann McElhinney did a six part podcast on this real life horror story.

Kermit Gosnell was a serial killer, a major drug dealer, a fraudster, a liar and who knows what else. Not only did he kill women and snip the necks of born children, he taught his non-medical staff to provide copious amounts of drugs to women (illegally) before their abortions. He also taught them how to kill the babies. His staff would do this when Gosnell wasn't present, as he usually didn't come to work until the evening. That's when Gosnell did the very late abortions himself.

Here is the grand jury report on this story, 281 pages detailing all manner of evil.

The report details how numerous agencies and health professionals ignored/did nothing regarding this house of horrors when they should have. In particular:

  • Department of Health lawyers at the Pennsylvania Department of State
  • The Philadelphia Department of Public Health
  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and its subsidiary, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Fellow doctors
  • The National Abortion Federation
A few quotes from the report:
"We discovered that Pennsylvania’s Department of Health has deliberately chosen not to enforce laws that should afford patients at abortion clinics the same safeguards and assurances of quality health care as patients of other medical service providers. Even nail salons in Pennsylvania are monitored more closely for client safety... Most appalling of all, the Department of Health’s 138 neglect of abortion patients’ safety and of Pennsylvania laws is clearly not inadvertent: It is by design."

"The problem with the Departments of State and Health is not that they lacked authority to end the crime spree that Gosnell and his staff passed off as practicing medicine. The problem is that the state overseers preferred not to exercise their authority. They chose to look the other way.'"

"Supervisors in the Division of Disease Control ignored a nurse’s disturbing report about conditions in Gosnell’s clinic in 2008 and 2009." 

"The Philadelphia Health Department’s Environmental Engineering Section failed to follow through after receiving a complaint in 2003 about aborted fetuses stored in an employee refrigerator."


"After reviewing extensive and compelling evidence of criminal wrongdoing at the clinic, the Grand Jury has issued a presentment recommending the prosecution of Gosnell and members of his staff for criminal offenses including: • Murder of Karnamaya Mongar • Murders of babies born alive • Infanticide • Violations of the Controlled Substances Act • Hindering, Obstruction, and Tampering • Perjury • Illegal late-term abortions • Violations of the Abortion Control Act • Violations of the Controlled Substances Act • Abuse of Corpse • Theft by Deception • Conspiracy • Corrupt Organization • Corruption of Minors"

 Canadians should take particular note of the National Abortion Federation:

"A national association of abortion providers declined to admit the Women’s Medical Society [Kermit Gosnell's abortion clinic] as a member, finding it to be the worst facility its inspector had ever seen...the evaluator from NAF readily noted that records were not properly kept, that risks were not explained, that patients were not monitored, that equipment was not available, that anesthesia was misused. It was the worst abortion clinic she had ever inspected. Of course, she rejected Gosnell’s application. She just never told anyone in authority about all the horrible, dangerous things she had seen." (emphasis added)

In fact NAF supposedly:

"is an association of abortion providers that upholds the strictest health and legal standards for its members." (emphasis added)

Yet the NAF inspector didn't tell anyone about the problems she witnessed there.

And guess what? This year Health Canada gave funding to NAF Canada (NAF is now active here) in the amount of $1,469,150Even though their inspector witnessed first hand problems with Gosnell's clinic, they never reported it to anyone. They just turned a blind eye. And now Canada is giving them our tax dollars.

I don't know about you, but I find this fact pretty disturbing.

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