Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The appalling treatment of Tamara Lich

We should all be incensed at the treatment of Tamara Lich. She is being treated as a murderer or something worse, maybe a pedophile or rapist. A Canada wide search warrant (reserved for the most dangerous of offenders) dragged her back to Ottawa from her place of work (embarrassing her in front of co-workers), putting her in detention before Canada's national holiday (and away from her family). All for what? Because she allegedly breached a bail condition for having her picture taken with someone while in the presence of her lawyers (as per her bail condition)? 

Are the Crown, the Ottawa Police, and Justin Trudeau serious (we all know the PM's loathing for all things trucker convoy)? And why was she on bail in the first place? Accused of counseling mischief? Good grief.

I am so thoroughly fed up with this witch hunt against honest hard working Canadians like Tamara Lich, and all the protesters who came to Ottawa to fight for our freedom that Justin Trudeau and his vainglory supporters have conjured up I could just toss my cookies.

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  1. Very good, Patricia! It is infantile, but that's about right for Justin's other emotional and intellectual displays. Rather than toss our cookies, let's toss him.