Tuesday, March 8, 2022

People stealing or knowingly possessing personal property should be charged with a crime

From the Ottawa Sun:

"Several data breaches targeting the Christian crowdfunding website GiveSendGo in February revealed the names of more than 100,000 donors who raised millions for the “Freedom Convoy 2022” and “Adopt a Trucker” campaigns. Ottawa police officers were among them, according to reports from the CBC and the Toronto Star."

Someone hacked the GiveSendGo site. They stole information on donations to the truckers. Stealing is a crime. Has anyone been charged for this crime? 

Other people then accessed that stolen information and now possess stolen information. Have they been charged for this crime? 

The police also have the stolen information. How many other people are using that stolen information? The media perhaps? Will they be charged?

Nobody should know that there were cops who donated. The cops are allowed (just like every other Canadian) to have personal opinions and support whomever they like, since in a democratic society they have a right to their personal property and a right for it to remain private without interference from anyone.

Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell:

“You can have a difference of opinion,” he said, “but what you can’t do, you can’t come and take over a large set of streets, terrorize entire populations, engage in activities that result in either criminal investigations or hate-related investigations in our streets, and as a member of our police service, as a member of any police service, you actually can’t support those people to do that. It has nothing to do with the dialogue and has everything to do with supporting the unlawful activity that can’t be condoned or accepted in a policing environment.”

Terrorize entire populations? Ah...but there were some charges of "counselling to commit mischief". Good grief Chief Bell. Get a grip.

Now the truckers may be disciplined and worse, lose their jobs because other people are criminals.

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