Monday, March 14, 2022

Bill 67 - Equity is the opposite of Equality

Dear Ontario MPPs,

This is a very racist bill:

The law will entrench “anti-racist” instruction and training programs in schools. The bill defines its policy of “anti-racism” as “opposing racism including anti-Indigenous racism, anti-Black racism, anti-Asian racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia.” The law omits any “opposing” of “anti-Caucasian” racism, so we know that expressed hatred of white people will be permitted. This is the essence of CRT. In fact, CRT is a deeply racist ideology that stipulates whiteness as the source of all social injustice.

The average Canadian whose life doesn’t revolve around politics can be forgiven for reading this bill and taking no special notice of the 54 times, including the title, the word “equity” is mentioned. To the average Canadian, “equity” looks a lot like “equality.” In fact, the two words hold opposite meanings. So legislators, especially conservative ones, whose job it is to know the difference between their own philosophy and the philosophy of radical leftists cannot be easily forgiven for doing likewise. The word should have leapt from the title, causing escalating alarm at every iteration.

Equality refers to the same start line for individual advancement, while equity refers to proportional group representation at the finish line. Equity theory insists that any failure to meet proportional representation in outcomes is due to racism alone. Which isn’t the case, but the theory prevails. Thus, equity is only possible through social engineering and heavy state interference. Practically speaking, it means individual merit and skillsets get short shrift. It encourages perpetual grievance in designated student victims and compels perpetual guilt in white “settler” students. Barb Kay

Please do not vote for it.

Thank you.


Patricia Maloney

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