Friday, March 25, 2022

Catholics should not support "equity"

I had been having an email conversation with members of Ottawa's Catholic School Board. It began with their support of Black Live Matter (which was a big red flag for me). Then I discovered the board supports Bill 67, Racial Equity in the Education System ActCatholic bishops and other Catholics have come out against "equity". And so should our schools. But in fact, they support it.

Bishop Gomez:

"Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez recently said, “Today’s critical theories and ideologies are profoundly atheistic.” An integral part of the agenda is “diversity, equity, and inclusion” mandates that critics say end up discriminating against members of groups that have not been identified as oppressed or under-represented."
And this from Peter Nolan:

“Adults themselves need to be educated before our young people can stand against cancel culture,” he said. “One problem has been that woke ideology has been camouflaged by terminology like ‘diversity, inclusivity, and equity,’ and ‘social justice,’ which sound like they are secular initiatives that could be aligned with Catholic social teaching. They are not.” 

And this from Bishop Baron:

“Fourth, they tend to demonize the market economy and the institutions of democracy as part of a superstructure defending the privileged,” Bishop Barron explained. “Fifth, they push toward equity of outcome throughout the society, rather than equality of opportunity.” And finally, “wokeism” employs divisive strategies of accusation that are contrary to the Gospel demand to love our enemies.”

Bishop Barron, Bishop Gomez and Peter Nolan, did not change the Board members' minds.

This is a very dangerous path our Catholic Board is taking. Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy go into detail about how harmful this Bill 67 will be for our schools (see link below).

So today I wrote a final letter to the Ottawa Catholic School Board. It seems we need to pray a lot for them.


Dear Ottawa School Board,

I hope you will listen to this video Jordan Peterson made yesterday on Bill 67, with newspaper columnist Rex Murphy.

They discuss the impact Bill 67 will have on our schools, which includes our Catholic schools here in Ottawa. 

From the responses I have received from those of you who have responded to me, it seems very clear that my emails have not changed your minds on the subject of implementing "equity" policies in our Catholic schools. 

Nevertheless, I feel that in good conscience, I must make this final effort to reach out to you. I will not contact you again on this subject. 

I will pray for all of you that your hearts will change regarding the dangers this bill will have on our children, their parents and their teachers.


Patricia Maloney

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[50:40 ] An Example
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