Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Eternity is forever

Dear Ms. Fortier,

I received your booklet in my mailbox this week. It makes for interesting reading. I noted a couple of issues in the booklet, for which I have questions.

1) Ottawa-Vanier benefited from 840 jobs through the summer Canada Jobs program, at a cost of over $3 million dollars. Can you please tell me if any of these new positions were allotted to pro-life students or pro-life organizations?

2) The title on this page: A Feminist Government for a Feminist Recovery. Can you please explain how your Liberal government's feminist values--which by definition excludes men and pro-life women--can help a financial recovery of our economy? 

3) You mention Budget 2021, but noticeably absent are any details as to how the billions spent during the pandemic, is going to be repaid by your Liberal government. Can you please provide me with those details? 

4) And finally, the title of your booklet states: Building an inclusive, green, and feminist post-pandemic economic recovery. 

From this title, and from what I detailed above, calling the booklet an economic recovery plan is misleading since the booklet contains no information on an economic recovery. It is also not inclusive since it is exclusive of men, of pro-life women, of pro-life businesses, and of pro-life students.

Can you please provide me with answers to these very important questions at your earliest convenience?

Thank you.


Patricia Maloney

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