Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Erin O'Toole says no to freedom of conscience rights for doctors

Dear Erin O'Toole,

I am really sad that you flipped on your original stance regarding conscience rights for doctors. It seems you are becoming more like Justin Trudeau every day. Will you next ban pro-life people from obtaining grants from the summer jobs program? And what about pro-life candidates? Do they get the axe as well?

It seems that Conservative party has lost its way. Perhaps you think that those of us who care about doctor's conscience rights and the rights of the pre-born child, are not important, and that those of us who hold these beliefs will vote for the Conservatives anyway. Think again. We can and will vote for the Christian Heritage Party or the People's Party of Canada. And if there is no candidate in a riding, we can spoil our vote.

Canada already has enough parties from the left. I hope you change your mind about where you stand on issues that are crucial for a very large number of Canadians. We do not need Justin Trudeau lite.


Patricia Maloney

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