Monday, June 8, 2020

Peter MacKay's dumpster fire campaign

All Conservatives should listen to my friend Jonathon Van Maren's excellent analysis of the leadership campaign the Culture Wars Episode 15: Why I think Leslyn Lewis is the best choice for next leader of the Conservative Party

His conclusions are spot on. If Peter MacKay wins, social conservatives will have no place in the Conservative Party. We will be done. MacKay makes no bones at how much he disdains us with when he stupidly said he considers social conservatives are a stinking albatross around Andrew Scheer's neck.

The thing is, we stinking albatrosses, actually make up a good chunk of the Conservative party. Without us supporting the Conservatives, their chances of defeating the Liberals in the next election would be very difficult, if even possible.

Jonathon's entire podcast should be listened by everyone considering how to vote, as he explains his reasons for his ranked choices.

1) Leslyn Lewis
2) Derek Sloan
3) Erin O'toole
4) Peter Mackay

I will be voting the same way.

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