Thursday, February 15, 2018

MAID - 1030 deaths in Ontario as of Dec 31, 2017

There have been  1030 euthanasia cases in Ontario as of 2017. This is from the office of the Chief Coroner in Ontario.

How tragic.

Here are Health Canada's totals on MAID for all of Canada.

When I asked my contact at the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long term care what the doctor's billing code was for MAID, this is what I was told there currently isn't one:
"At the moment there isn’t anything in the claims data that would identify these types of cases. I have spoken with the program area who develops the billing codes for physicians and there is currently work underway to develop the billing codes for MAID.  
The only billing code available now is to certify death which would be used on all cases where a physician would certify an individual deceased. 
There is no billing code currently within the Schedule of Benefits from which the physician’s could submit for MAID.  The only billing code which they could submit is to certify death which would apply to all deceased patients in Ontario, there is no mechanism to isolate cases of MAID at this time. I have been told the Chief Coroner’s office in Ontario is tracking these cases but I have no insight as to the type of information being collected."
When I asked the chief Coroner's office I was sent the report linked to above.

A final thought. If the doctors don't have a billing code for MAID, then how are they getting paid, because you can be assured they are being paid. My contact couldn't answer that question.

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  1. Interesting that the majority of cases are euthanasia, as opposed to self administered in the coroner's report. That means it's not MAiD in the sense the term is used for propaganda purposes: "I'm taking my own life by drinking this potion!" It's "The doctor will kill you now."