Friday, September 29, 2017

Liberals and NDPs acting out - Part 2

I received this comment further to this post on Rachael Harder and the pathetic behaviour of the Status of Women committee.
"We hear a lot of talk from the government about how diverse and inclusive Canada is, and that diversity is our strength. If that is true then why are prolifers barred from the Liberal party and kicked off university campuses? Since Canada is a large and diverse nation with people from many backgrounds and cultures it is reasonable to expect differences of opinions on many issues including abortion, shouldn't those views be reflected on the SWC committee? This incident makes a total mockery of the inclusiveness and diversity rhetoric being espoused. Aren't there feminists who disagree with abortion? If Harder is kicked off the committee then how can the feminist movement claim that they represent all women. 
Does the SWC represent the views of all Canadian women or it is a left wing clique as its critics have claimed? This is a valid argument, ever since the REAL Women controversy in the 1980's. Why is this POV being given a total monopoly and $110M in annual funding? If the SWC does not represent the views of all Canadian women, shouldn't other groups from across the spectrum be allowed to cash in on funding and representation as well.....this goes back to diversity of opinion. According to the ipolitics article, 27% of Canadians support the status quo and 5% are pro-lifers, if that is true then neither group should have a monopoly on opinion and a variety of views on abortion must be included, it also means that 73% of Canadians are critical of the current (undemocratic) status quo. Can we assume that there is debate and discussion on the SWC committee on issues besides abortion, due to the nature of our multiparty system. If that is the case then why is one view on abortion permitted? It is very arrogant to presume that women share the same views on abortion or any other subject for that matter."

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