Saturday, June 24, 2017

Jim Watson - tell us what you really think

By Patricia Maloney

This is what Mayor Jim Watson thinks about pro-life people. He starts out discussing raising the pro-life flag at city hall and how it is unacceptable and how he and everyone else at city hall supports a "woman's right to choose". At the end of the clip Watson switches to discussing the bubble zone he wants to put around the abortion clinic and tells us what he really thinks of pro-life people:
"In the 21st century it's just not acceptable to have that kind of behaviour in a civilized society."
No wonder the mayor wouldn't respond to my emails. We are not worthy of a response because our behaviour is unacceptable

1 comment:

  1. Mayor Watson is not an honourable Mayor ,he stated to the Press that he knew the night before that he was not going to allow the Pro Life Flag to Fly but did not stop it until after over two dozen Pro Life Marchers
    went to City Hall to raise the Flag at Sunrise May 11 2017
    but gave in to a few Bullies the next day with out ever contacting to this date the person that was given LEGAL permission to Fly the Flag for ONE DAY --Some Mayor EH !