Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pierre Lemieux - a woman's right to be a mother

The only people who could "strongly dislike" this kind of legislation are people like Joyce Arthur and her pro-abortion friends. Unbelievable but true. Can you even imagine not supporting a bill that would protect an unborn child that a woman has chosen to give birth to? No I can't imagine it either.

Kudos to Pierre Lemieux for announcing this.

Introducing legislation that protects expectant moms and their unborn children will be a priority in a Lemieux government. 
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Government has the duty to protect our country’s most vulnerable - to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

And yet for a mother who has chosen to bear her child, there is no law that recognizes that the life of her unborn baby was violently taken from her against her will if she is the victim of a violent assault.

Under current Canadian law, if an expectant mother is assaulted and her child dies as a result, the charge is assault against the mother.  Her baby’s life was taken from her through a criminal act - and yet the loss of her baby’s life is not recognized under the law.

It is a grave injustice that there is no legal recognition of the loss of an expectant mother’s unborn baby through a violent criminal act. 

When a woman chooses to become a mother, no one should have the right to take that away from her.

I will show actual leadership by addressing this injustice with a government bill. Private Members have done incredible work trying to advance this through the House, but simply allowing a Private Members Bill to proceed is no longer enough.  

As leader and as future Prime Minister of Canada, inspired by previous bills introduced by Conservative MPs, I will introduce legislation that will criminalize the killing of unborn children against the will of expectant mothers.

With this law, an offender will be charged not only with assault on the expectant mother, but also with the death of her unborn child.  
Legislation such as this is supported by Canadians, including many of my fellow leadership candidates - even those with different views on when life begins.

Introducing and passing this legislation will unite Conservatives and Canadians - and is necessary to protect the rights of expectant moms. 

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  1. Bravo Pierre Lemieux. "Right to choose" but only if you are prepared to sacrifice common decency and "choose" evil - choose what I DEMAND you choose, dammit. The collapse of leftist logic surely is right around the corner.