Sunday, April 23, 2017

How pro-choice people get it wrong

Dear Heather Mallick,
Last week in the Toronto Star you wrote a story about an abortion protester outside the Morgentaler clinic in Ottawa. You think abortion protesters are "creepy, some unwell, and some threatening". You make all sorts of nasty unproven allegations in your opinion piece.
Cyril Winter's responded to your article here when he called into Mark Sutcliffe's radio show. Winter says he doesn't spit on anyone and doesn't speak to anyone unless he is spoken to. He says he is peaceful.
Dear Carol Anne Meehan,
You believe that people who peacefully protest outside abortion clinics are "religious fanatics" (as you said to Mark Sutcliffe on 1310 news radio on Friday). 
To both of you I would like to say this. We have rights in this country called freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and freedom of religion. In a democracy these rights are given to us all--and this may shock both of you--but these rights are even given to pro-life persons. When we encounter injustice to pre-born human beings we protest, we speak, and some of us may even depend on our religious beliefs to peacefully act thus.

You seem to think that pro-life people do not care about the women who have an abortion. You could not be more wrong. If this is what you honestly believe you have no idea of what being pro-life is all about.

Patricia Maloney

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