Monday, March 13, 2017

Conservatives and Pierre Lemieux

Great Facebook post by Pierre Lemieux at a function in Ottawa Vanier. Too bad I couldn't attend but I'm not currently in Ottawa.

Lemieux reads a note from former Liberal supporter Colleen Fogarty who supported Pierre Trudeau. No more. She is now supporting Pierre Lemieux.

Lemieux discusses how he supports life. And Justin Trudeau pays for taking life with his abortion stand (and his recent $650 million funding for sexual and reproductive health and rights).
"If there is any party who is absolutely fixated on taking the lives of unborn babies and with abortion, it is the Liberals."
Lemeux encourages us to write to the Prime Minister ( or and tell him we don't want out tax money to go to paying for abortion overseas. This is part of the anti-life culture we are shipping overseas. That many of those countries don't support abortion at all. It is a western solution to problems in those countries.
"Social Conservatives are absolutely making an important contribution to the Conservative race."
Lemieux is for freedom of speech, the need of a healthy democracy, on being against polictical correctness, and says that social conservatives have a rightful place in our Canadian society.

Lemieux says he has always had the same values that he has today, even when he was elected 10 years ago. Pretty solid Conservative candidate. He doesn't change his values as he goes along. Same values 10 years ago, and same values now. What you see is what you get. Can't say that of most politicians.

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