Monday, January 4, 2016

Pro-abortions - are abortions medically necessary or aren't they?

This is rich. Here we have the good old CBC, Canada's publicly funded broadcaster, writing this glowing article on Carafem's 'spa-like' abortion clinic part of new U.S. trend:
"We'll have flowers, there's music, there's no harsh medical smells, images on the walls are of people smiling. We're trying to maintain an experience that is as friendly and comfortable as it possibly could be," says Grant, a former director of Planned Parenthood.  
Carafem, which opened in April 2015 and specializes in the abortion pill for early-term pregnancies, represents a shift in abortion-care ideology — one that aims to "de-medicalize" the whole process. 
...Carafem also refers to patrons as clients, as Grant believes the word "patient" can wrongly suggest people with unintended pregnancies are sick."
But here's the problem.

How do we square "de-medicalizing abortion" because pregnant women aren't sick, with the pro-abortion's mantra that abortions are "medically necessary" and so must be publicly funded?

You can't have it both ways.

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