Thursday, January 14, 2016

Educating Sandeep Prasad of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

Sandeep Prasad (Executive Director, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights) should know better. He thinks that RU-486 will:
"increase access to abortion in more remote and rural areas"
and that
"Limiting the ability to prescribe Mifegymiso to physicians especially restricts access to the service in communities where it is most needed, in rural and remote areas where physicians are lacking and abortion services are far and few between."
You'd think that the executive director of a major "pro-choice" organization would know of the dangers of RU-486 being used where "physicians are lacking and abortion services are far and few between".

Here you go Sandeep: Educate yourself on this dangerous drug. You don't want women in rural areas to take this drug. Not unless you don't care what happens to them if they have serious complications like:
"pelvic infections (endometritis, salpingitis [inflammation of the fallopian tubes]) and vaginal haemorrhages. Rare cases of fatalities were reported, therefore access to emergency care which can provide gynaecological surgical procedures, antibiotic intravenous therapy and blood transfusion in the rare cases where complications occur, is recommended in the labelling to ensure patient’s safety."
How will these women get the help they need in these rural and remote areas when things go wrong?

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  1. Implicit in the pro-choice way of thinking is the acceptance of the collateral damage of abortion. So if someone dies from complications of RU 486, well that's sad, but it is one of the things you have to accept as a consequence of the sexual freedom this drug gives you.

    How often we sell ourselves out for pleasure.