Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Justin Trudeau - what were Catholics thinking?

So we got what we deserve I guess. A liberal government headed up by the most pro-abortion leader Canada has ever known, Justin Trudeau. We voted for him, and we got him.

Canada has 13.07 million baptized Catholics.

And Here in Ottawa Vanier Mauril Belanger got over 43% of the vote. Shameful considering there are a ton of Catholic Francophones in Vanier.

I hope they all went to confession today.


  1. Some Catholic's don't WANT to realize that because they will not face the fact that ABORTION Kills babies --they are worse than Trudeau
    Stand up and face the facts --Abortion is MURDER --IT MUST BE STOPPED

  2. A woman at church tonight said she was ecstatic about the election and that "the Spirit must have been moving people" to vote as they did. I asked her which spirit was operative.