Monday, December 15, 2014

When politicians are pro-me

Christian Heritage Party (CHP):
"Canada's cultural and legal heritage are rooted in the Christian worldview which has provided freedom of speech and religion for all people. Increasingly, our governments have violated the 'separation of church and state', infringing on these guaranteed Charter rights. The Christian Heritage Party of Canada will protect Canadians' Charter rights and properly respect the separation of church and state." 
You know, I'm pretty disillusioned with politicians. Not too many of them will stand up for the unborn. Many of them, while saying they are pro-life, do nothing to show they are. In my books, that means you aren't pro-life, you're pro-me.

Yesterday I heard a story about a politician who lied. Bold faced lies. It made me realize that a lot of these people really only care about getting into power. How pathetic.

In Ontario politics, I can't even get a single politician to care about access to information on abortion services. Not one. How cowardly is that?

Last week I met with the leader of the Christian Heritage Party (CHP), Rod Taylor. What a breath of fresh air. Not only will he stand up for the unborn, but he also cares about smaller government AND freedom of Religion for all people. What a concept.

See Brian Lilley interviews with Rod here.

Maybe it's time to ditch the pro-me's and vote CHP.

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