Saturday, November 22, 2014

CPC funding revoked--why?

When anonymous pro-abortion bloggers write potty mouth outrageous nonsense, the best course of action is usually not to read said nonsense. (see here and here and see the Sarnia Observer who reported on it)

But when the nonsense goes on in a concerted and persistent fashion resulting in a witch hunt to destroy the reputation of Crisis Pregnancy Centres like the Pregnancy Options and Support Centre in Sarnia Lambton, to the extent of actually succeeding in having funding revoked by the Ontario Trillium foundation, well that's a different story.

Of course it's pretty easy to hide behind anonymity, and then delight in the harm caused, when you don't have the guts to stand up and behind your hateful words. Pretty easy indeed.

What I'd like to know is this. Did Trillium--an Ontario publicly funded organization AKA funded-by-you-and me--base their decision to revoke the grant to this CPC, on that National Enquirer-esque Scholarly Document penned by pro-abortion Joyce Arthur titled Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres in BC? Enquiring minds want to know.

And in the off chance you were ever actually fooled by the NESD through no fault of your own because you were in a state of hypnotic pro-abortion trance brought on by continued and repeated brainwashing by pro-abortion laughable misinformation campaigns--well I'll forgive you as long as you read the excellent factual rebuttal to that sorry piece of penmanship.

I intend to find out what happened here. Stay tuned.


  1. Is is my potty-mouth or my pseudonymity that disqualifies me as a citizen from asking questions?

    I'm psedonymous because your lot are fairly scary, BTW.

    What would you like to know? I asked questions. Ontario Trillium Foundation reassessed the grant, found out they'd made an oopsie, misspending public funds, and corrected it.

  2. I did not send OTF a link to Joyce's report. Of course they could access it themselves, but why would they? It was about CPCs in BC. I had specific questions (mainly Why? and How? -- see my blogposts, it's all there) about public funds given to one specific religious anti-choice organization in Ontario.

    OTF reassessed the grant, realized its error and rescinded the second part of it.

    It's pretty simple.