Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Brian Gallant: the Charter made me do it

This is bad. Premier Brian Gallant of New Brunswick has just put the same foot in his mouth as Justin Trudeau did before him.

He actually said this:
"We have identified the barriers [to abortion] and are proceeding to eliminate them in order to respect our legal obligations under the Supreme Court of Canada ruling and the Canada Health Act regarding a woman’s right to choose.” 
What legal obligations is he talking about? As Peter Ryan from New Brunswick Right to Life says:
“No law or Supreme Court ruling has ever stated that a province must provide abortion on demand. What’s going on is a pro-abortion ideology is being imposed upon New Brunswick. That’s wrong.”
I don't understand why these politicians get away with making stuff up about what the Charter says on abortion.

You'd think that even the pro-abortions would get queasy when politicians like Gallant and Trudeau say these things. It really doesn't do their already misguided philosophy any good when such falsehoods are propagated, and yet, they remain silent.

It's like they can't come up with any good reasons for our-any-time-any-reason-tax-payer-funded-abortion-on-demand, so they feel compelled to say "Well the Charter says so".

Gallant really needs to read this information on our Charter and abortion. He really needs to educate himself.

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