Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A letter to Justin - Can we talk?

Dear Justin,

I just read thisI think we need to talk.

You say that:
“I have had a lot of Liberals come up to me and say, 'I don’t quite understand, isn’t the Liberal party about freedom and about defending people’s rights?'"

“Absolutely it is. And the rights that women have fought for over decades to be in control of their own bodies and to control their own reproductive health is not a right I’m going to brush aside to defend the freedom of speech or the freedom to vote a particular way for an MP."

“If they vote in favour of restricting women's access to abortion, that’s taking away their rights. And that is something that we will not accept in the Liberal party. We are the party of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and that’s a serious, serious position that Liberals have to defend.

"It’s time the Liberal party actually defended rights,”
Now Justin, I'm pretty sure you're a fair to midland, smart kind of guy. And if you are, then I think you also know that there is no Charter right to abortion. Why do you keep saying there is a Charter right to abortion when you surely must know that there isn't?

Now there actually are freedom of speech rights and freedom of conscience rights, which of course morph nicely into "freedom to vote a particular way" rights. Got it? Conscience rights-yes. Abortion rights-no.

And you do know that a child in a mother's womb is not part of her body right? I'm sure you know this from school, it's called the science of Biology, you have heard of it, yes? Please tell me you have. I just couldn't sleep at nights if I thought you'd never heard of Biology before.

So please Justin, tell me please that you'll start getting your Biology and Charter rights--right. Okay? And if you need a bit of remedial help, please have a look here. You'll learn some amazing things.

Glad we had this little talk.

Respectfully yours,
etc. etc.

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