Monday, June 30, 2014

Canada gets it but Justin Trudeau doesn't

Ah, Justin Trudeau. He's so predictable. At yesterday's pride parade in Toronto he said:
“I’ve seen so many people from every corner of the world, literally,” Mr. Trudeau said, adding that he’d spoken with people from Australia, South Africa and Jamaica earlier in the day. “[Canada] is a place that actually gets it, that stands up for human rights around the world and welcomes people in.” (emphasis added)
Trudeau believes in human rights. For lesbian people. For gay people. For bisexual people. For transgender people.

But Trudeau doesn't believe in those same Canadian human rights for pre-born human beings. They are excluded from Trudeau's human rights list.

I wonder how many LGBT people are aborted every year in Canada? They'll never get to be a candidate for the Liberal party. Because they don't have human rights when in the womb.

For more Justin Trudeau  and his unique belief system on excluding pro-life people from "his" party:

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