Friday, June 6, 2014

Ontario politicians treat voters like idiots

Remember this letter where a citizen asked their MPP what they would do regarding the killing of access to information rights in Ontario?
"I would like to know what you will do, if re-elected, to restore access to information rights in Ontario. In what way will you work to return the ability of the ordinary taxpayer to have full access to all data concerning all medical services paid for by the taxpayer? This was recently stripped from us in a covert and undemocratic manner by the current Liberal government, all the while saying the right words about an "open & transparent government".
They received a reply which said:
"Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the release of abortion statistics in Ontario. As you know, a limited number of amendments to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act came into force in January 2013. These amendments were developed to assist hospitals maintain quality of care and protect the safety of both staff and patients, and they were reviewed by the Standing Committee on Social Policy and debated and passed in the Legislature.   
The Ontario Liberals are committed to an open and transparent government, and our progress on this front has allowed Ontario's residents access to an ever-growing amount of data. To date we have made 212 data sets available to the general public, and we continue to add more. You can browse through what's available here:"
To which the letter writer responded:
"...just a couple of notes regarding your response. 
Perhaps your staffer didn't read my email where I said I hate being treated like an idiot. 
Your answer treats me like an idiot. Hmmmm, most idiots would notice that you didn't answer my question. When I ask you "what time is it?" and you respond "the sky is blue", you didn't answer my question. Perhaps you thought I wouldn't notice. See [first paragraph].   
Not Getting MY vote"
It's pretty sad how politicians disrespect and demean the very people who put them into power in the first place. Pathetic really.

I'm actually embarrassed for them. Oh wait, it passed.

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