Friday, May 23, 2014

Treating Ontario voters like idiots

The Ontario election is drawing closer. There's been no discussion from any of the candidates regarding the Liberal's decision to hide abortion information.

Here is one person's letter to the Ontario MPP candidates regarding this:
"I would like to know what you will do, if re-elected, to restore access to information rights in Ontario. In what way will you work to return the ability of the ordinary taxpayer to have full access to all data concerning all medical services paid for by the taxpayer? This was recently stripped from us in a covert and undemocratic manner by the current Liberal government, all the while saying the right words about an "open & transparent government". 
I am now aware that the Ontario taxpayer, including myself, can not access information on selected medical procedures chosen by some. I as a taxpayer believe that I should be able to be informed of what my taxes pay for in ALL regards. To be clear, I am not interested in names or other personal details; that would be ridiculous in every way to suggest. Everyone is entitled to privacy. However, the statistics are another issue and do not violate anyone's privacy. 
Of course, I am referring to the number of abortions performed in this province on a yearly basis. Due to a personal preference of Deb Matthews and NOT at the request of the medical profession and NOT at the request of the facilities of medical facilities providing the services and NOT even at the specific request of a lobby group, the ability of the taxpayer to access statistics concerning abortion ended with the passage of the latest Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Section 65.(5.7). 
I am truly and utterly disgusted by this. If access can be denied on one thing, how long before the Liberals, in pursuit of further "openness & transparency" will exempt other issues from Freedom of Information requests? The answer to that, obviously, is "whenever it suits them". You know, as a taxpayer, I hate being treated like an idiot. 
If elected, what actions will you take to correct this un-democratic action? What actions will you take to ensure that another ON Minister doesn't decide, on personal preference, to exclude a topic under his/her Ministry from Freedom of Information requests? It causes me great concern about this thing we call democracy when people like Deb Matthews abuse her power so blatantly. 
I request a written response to this correspondence. Please tell me how someone/anyone was being harmed by the release of the statistics concerning the number of abortions performed in Ontario yearly? This is a great cause for concern among the public of Ontario."

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